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Practice Areas

Consulting - Practice Area

The foundation for High Performing Systems consulting practice was developed by Dr. Thompson during years of organization effectiveness consulting and training for senior military officers and their commands with both the United States military and its allies. Dr. Thompson, a combat veteran, was recognized as a subject matter expert in leadership, building and assessing high performing battle staffs and teams, and stress on the high intensity battlefield. Dr. Thompson transferred his experience and techniques from the battlefield to the boardroom. He is internationally known for creating cutting-edge human technology for building high performance. Dr. Thompson has built his own high performing team of consultants, analysts and world-renowned colleagues who help organizations transition into the high performance zone.

Our consulting practice is not based on a single industry, but integrates findings from across industries into the most powerful organizational enhancing techniques available. HPS focuses on providing leadership solutions for the 21st Century in three basic practice areas: leadership, teams and organizational effectiveness.

Leadership Practice Area

The leadership practice area provides leadership solutions across many problem spaces. Our focus is on the solution spaces that will have the greatest impact on organizational performance.

HPS was the first to:

Propose a Four-Level Model of Leadership
Define the 24 Competencies of Leadership
Create the most accurate scientific Leadership Potential Equation™
Create the most accurate assessment of cognitive ability as it relates to leadership
Create definitions of leadership and a Four-Level tiered, integrated leadership training process (High Performance Leadership-I-IV™)

Team Practice Area

The team practice area focuses on specific methods to enhance team performance. Our expertise in Teams is unsurpassed. HPS continues to be on the leading edge of team dynamics, incorporating such concepts as FIRO theory, The Human Element, Team Emotional Intelligence, the Team Compatibility Model, Type Atmosphere Compatibility, quantum mechanics, dynamical systems, the 3-D Team Model, the 16 Team Principles and many other scientific and psychological approaches to team development.

  • Designing
  • Teambuilding/Development
  • Creating High Performance
  • Coaching
  • Assessing
  • Process Improvement/Lean Transition

Organization Effectiveness Practice Area

This practice area focuses on proven techniques to move organizations into the high-performance zone. HPS is a leader in helping organizations move from good to great. Using a systems approach, we target the specific leverage points in your organization that will improve overall performance.

  • Organizational Design
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Change
  • Systems Thinking
  • Culture Assessment and Integration


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