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Leadership Potential Equation™

Hiring mistakes cost money—lots of money.

Reducing the number of hiring mistakes is critical. High Performing Systems helps companies reduce the number of mis-hires and put lost money back on the bottom line, using a proven system for hiring best-fit leaders at each Level.

How the Leadership Potential Equation™ is Differemt

The Leadership Potential Equation System™ (LPES) uses a scientific model to select best-fit leaders for each job at each Level. This system differs from other methods by determining current leadership potential as well as potential for growth across time. HPS has continually refined this system since 1984, saving our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on hiring mistakes.

Why Traditional Screening Methods Often Fail

Choosing the right leader at any Level is difficult. Despite a multitude of “secrets to success,” the real world abounds with examples of the Peter Principle—leaders assigned to Roles beyond their capabilities.

HR Departments and search firms tend to select leader candidates by screening data that are readily available for review—the “tip of the iceberg.” In reality,those factors only determine about 10% of a candidate’s potential for leadership success.

What about the other 90% that shows up for work? Most HR Departments and leader promotion committees lack the technical expertise to assess the bottom 90% of the iceberg—the Innate factors that traditional screening methods miss.

Why the LPES Succeeds

The LPES succeeds by using a proprietary system of assessment and analysis to identify critical Innate factors. Since 1984 HPS has been researching leadership Levels and requisite skill sets required at each Level. The LPES significantly reduces mis-hires by assessing the bottom 90% of the iceberg.

Hire, Retain and Promote Best-Fit Leaders

How many hiring mistakes can your company afford to make in the next six months? Consider the implications of having best-fit leaders at each Level in your organization. Call 706-769-5836 to find out how to get started or Click Here to learn more.

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