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An Application Tool for the MBTI Instrument.

The Psychological Type Community

It is not the purpose of a psychological typology to classify human beings into categories; this in itself would be pretty pointless. Its purpose is to provide a critical psychology which will make a methodological investigation and presentation of the empirical material possible
(Jung, 1976).

The HPS Psychological Type Community is dedicated to the theoretical development, understanding, ethical use, resource development and global (and cosmological) applications of the original work of Carl Jung and expansion of his work by others, such as Isabel B. Myers.

Psychological Type

Numerous attempts have been made over the last 2500 years to catagorize human behavior into elaborate typology systems. Psychological Type has evolved primarily from the work of C. G. Jung and takes an expanded approach--16 Types (see Jung's Function-Attitudes Explained to see why 16 Types rather than eight) compared to temperament theory. One of the most widely used forms of psychological Type is the varriation of Jung's model developed by Isabel B. Myers and Katherine C. Briggs and measured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instrument. As psychological Type continues to grow in popularity, both in the United States and globally, the need for more user-friendly resources becomes paramount.

Research Summaries

MBTI and Emotional Intelligence: New research by Dr. Henry Thompson shows a significant relationship among some MBTI scales and EI scales. This is also the first study to show the relationship of MBTI Step II Facets with EI. Read more.

MBTI and FIRO Element B: Research by Dr. Henry L. Thompson shows a significant relationship among MBTI scales and Facets with FIRO Element B scales. Read a summary of the two part article published in the Bullentin of Psychological Type. Read more.

  • "Job" Type vs. "Home" Type: Research by Dr. Henry L. Thompson and Peter Walsh found that completing the MBTI in a "Home" (shoes off, personal) mindset had a correlation of .96 with validated Type versus a "Job" (at work, thinking work) mindset of .54. Read more.
  • Read more summaries. Click here.

Personality Consulting

  • Leader Assessment and Development
  • Executive and Management Teambuilding
  • Organizational D esign
  • Organizational Assessments
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Personality Training
High Performing Systems is one of the foremost providers of Psychological Type assessment and training in the world. You can select from a  variety of customized, in-house training topics involving the use of Psychological Type as a basis for performance improvement . These include:

  • Maximizing Personality Strengths
  • Advanced classes on the MBTI instrument and its use
  • The Function-Attitudes
  • Teambuilding
  • Stress Management
  • MBTI and Leadership
  • Relationship to other psychological instruments
  • TeamDynamics
  • OrganizationalDynamics
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