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An Application Tool for the MBTI Instrument.


Assessment of Basic Leader Effectiveness®
Measure. Develop. Measure again.  


Performance Measurement

The ABLE measures leader performance in the nine core skills every leader must have to be effective. For that reason, many organizations begin leader development planning by measuring the current performance of all of their leaders, providing feedback to each one. Conducting performance measurements enables leaders, as well as organizations, to set effective, measurable goals for leadership development.

Individual/Leadership Development

Once you have assessed the leaders in your organization, you can use the ABLE to help your leaders develop individual Leader Effectiveness Action Plans (Action Plans). Everything leaders need is in the ABLE report: numerical results, customized paragraphs explaining in detail what each graph means, computer-generated comments to help leaders drill down into each dimension, step-by-step instructions for boss, direct report and/or peer meetings, and an Action Plan format that focuses on strengths as well as weaknesses.

Executive and General Coaching

Because the ABLE provides both numerical and detailed narrative results, coaches have the information they need to coach leaders from supervisors to the executive suite effectively. The ABLE allows you to design your coaching program to help leaders use their strengths to achieve better results and to focus on specific weaknesses that could derail them. The ABLE can also be used in conjunction with other assessments, such as the EQ-i 2.0 (click here), to help leaders get a clearer view of themselves and develop a deeper understanding of their own motivations.

Organizational Development

Organizations that thrive in a demanding economy do so because they have talented leaders who know how to motivate their employees to achieve excellent results. By using the ABLE, you can develop accurate measurements for leaders, lead employees, departments and the entire organization in the nine core leader skills. By analyzing trends across departments or the overall organization, you will be able to see where both the strengths and weaknesses are and develop customized training and coaching initiatives that elevate your organization’s leaders far above those who settle for generic, across-the-board programs.

Designing Training/Coaching Initiatives

The ABLE provides a benchmark that allows HR and OD specialists to design training and coaching programs that focus on the specific strengths and weaknesses of your leaders. Best of all, the ABLE is the first 360° assessment designed with a post-assessment (ABLE-P) that is specifically keyed to each question on the initial instrument---you can actually compare apples to apples! This enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of your development initiatives to establish meaningful Impact Data.

Become Certified to use ABLE

High Performing Systems offers online certification on the ABLE. These online classes prepare you to administer, interpret and give feedback on the entire ABLE family of assessments. Click here to learn how to become certified to administer the ABLE.

Report Options

  • ABLE (click here for sample report)
  • ABLE Summary (click here for sample report)
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