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When Robots Take Over

by Karen Schwind

When robots take over, this will be a great place to work—no more dealing with people. We can get some work done around here!” Although Todd, the CEO of a cutting-edge healthcare provider, longed for robots, he asked High Performing Systems, Inc. (HPS), to help him develop better relationships with his team because he recognized that working exclusively with robots wouldn’t be one of his options for a while.

Our first step was to introduce Todd to the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI). Although many people think that EI is only about relationships, the concept is actually much broader and involves our inner self, as well as how we develop and maintain relationships. In fact, Multi-Health Systems, publisher of the EQ-i 2.0, defines EI in part as “using emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.”

Once we explained EI to Todd, he agreed to take the EQ-i 2.0 and receive feedback from one of our EQ-i 2.0 Certified Practitioners. Todd’s results showed that he had low Emotional Self-Awareness and low Empathy, the result of which was that Todd rarely thought about how events or comments impacted his or others’ emotions. His high Assertiveness and low Interpersonal Relationships also pointed to someone who tended to focus on logic and results rather than people.

We then began the third phase of helping Todd relate better with his team—executive coaching. Over the next six months, Todd began to spend more time talking with his team and shared information more freely. As a result, they worked together with less conflict and accomplished more.

We were not surprised when Todd said he wanted to expand the program to include his executive team and, six months later, expanded it again to include every leader in the organization. Over the next twelve months, every leader took the EQ-i 2.0, received one-on-one feedback and either received coaching or attended a half-day EI class. They then created comprehensive Action Plans and implemented them.

Todd called one afternoon last month to tell us that even he could see a difference in how people treated each other, especially in the diminishing discord he observed in everyday encounters.

The process Todd and his company went through is one that we recommend to any organization that wants to improve Emotional Intelligence:

  • Take the EQ-i 2.0
  • Receive feedback
  • Receive coaching or attend half-day EI training classes
  • Certify the HR or Training and Develop ment team in the EQ-i 2.0

When we began working with Todd, he wanted to replace people with robots. After our EI program, he recognized the value of his team and learned to enjoy interacting with real people!

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