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 Leadership Lessons from MACV-SOG


Recorded: February 13, 2020
Length: Approximately 60 minutes

Presentation Summary:

Former MACV-SOG team leader, Dr. Dick Thompson, will give the second webinar in the series about Leadership Lessons Learned from MACV-SOG: Just Another Day at SOG. SOG teams conducted Top Secret missions operating deep inside enemy territory, against overwhelmingly numerically superior forces while maintaining plausible deniability for the U.S. Government.

Learn how these Special Forces Operators made life or death decisions under extremely high stress and how these same techniques can be applied in any personal and professional setting today. A special guest is also expected to share some thoughts during the 75-minute webinar. 

The class size is limited. Register here:

View Webinar 1 in the Leadership Lessons Series:

Hear Dr. Thompson's story on Jocko Podcasts #204, #205 & #206.

About the Presenter:

Henry L. (Dick) Thompson, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized consultant, educator, speaker and author. Over the past 30 years, he has gained valuable experience developing and leading teams - from the battlefield to the boardroom. He uses his vast experiences and knowledge to help leaders and organizations improve performance.

Follow Up:

After watching the presentation, if you have questions, comments or would like to discuss ways to apply the MACV-SOG leadership lessons as an individual or within your organization, please contact Debra Cannarella by email at or by phone at 706-769-5836. For additional resources and information, please use the following link:

More Information: 

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