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An Application Tool for the MBTI Instrument.

Organizational Assessment Questionnaire™

The Organizational Assessment Questionnaire™ (OAQ) is designed to identify strengths and weaknesses within three major organizational dimensions; Human, Operational and Environmental, and 12 sub-dimensions; Goals, Communication, Morale, Adaptability, Motivation, Leadership, Procedures, Organization, Stress, Technology, Resources and Training. 

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The OAQ provides a snapshot of the current state of the organization and is normally supplemented with interviews of members from all levels of the organization.  The results of the OAQ, when contrasted to the vision, exposes the gap between where the organization is and where it wants to be.

The purpose of the OAQ is to provide:

  • Organizational insight
  • Identification of strengths
  • Identification weaknesses
  • Assistance in implementing change
  • An indication of organizational effectiveness
  • The message of organizational caring
  • A road map for reaching the high performance zone

One of the first questions that an organization should ask itself is “Where are we going— what is our vision?”  But, perhaps an even more difficult question to answer than “Where are we going?”  is “Where are we now?”  Each of us, without hesitation, seems to be able to rank order organizations we have worked with in the past.  But, how do we do it? The OAQ provides graphs of the three major dimensions and 12 sub-dimensions from which to assess an organization and its members and to provide a measurement in relation to the organization’s vision.


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