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An Application Tool for the MBTI Instrument.

Assessment of Basic Leader Effectiveness-II

Able LogoThe ABLE-II® is a multi-rater, pre- and post-assessment instrument that measures the Level II leader's effectiveness on the job. The leader, the leader's bos, peers and three to five direct reports complete questionnaires about their perceptions of the leader's performance. This produces a comprehensive, 360° view of the leader's effectiveness and forms the basis of an action plan for future development. Individual responses of peers and direct reports remain anonymous and are shown as averages only. Confidential feedback is provided to the leader in a non-threatening format. The results are given on an easy-to-read graph that shows variations in perceptions.
The ABLE-II measures the seven core Level II leader competencies validated by years of research as the most important to high performing leaders. Having extensive knowledge about any or all of these competencies is quite different from actually applying each one on the job. Effective leaders demonstrate strong abilities in these seven core leader competencies dimensions:

• Systems Thinking
• Organizational Design
• Change Dynamics
• Managing Multiple Projects
• Analytical Decisionmaking
• Business Planning
• Process Improvement

The ABLE-II does not measure unchangeable traits like most 360° instruments, but rather critical leader competencies.


• Identify developmental needs
• Open lines of communication
• Benchmark leader effectiveness
• Measure training effectiveness
• Aid in performance counseling
• Indicate advancement potential
• Document performance trends
• Develop targeted action plans


• Quick to Administer (10-15 min.)
• Only 42 Questions
• Scored Online
• Based on Competencies, not Traits
• Concrete, not Abstract
• Low Cost
• Easy to Understand
• Minimal Statistical Feedback


Level II leaders and above.


Participation in Organizational Dynamics™ qualifies you to use the ABLE and to receive special pricing.

Web-based certifications are available. Call for more information.


During the last ten years, the ABLE-II has proven to be a reliable and valid instrument. The seven leader scales have shown a high internal consistency with a Cronbach alpha of .91. Inter-rater agreement is high with a correlation coefficient of .88. The test-retest reliability over a 46 week period has a correlation coefficient of .86. Concurrent, construct and predictive validity studies have shown positive correlations across industries. A database of over 2000 was used to establish norms for various industries.


The ABLE-II is administered online. It normally takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Sample composite graph

Call for pricing structure. This product can also be customized as an in-house multi-rater instrument.
Call 706-769-5836 for details or to set up an online account.


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