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A New Science of Leadership for the Post-COVID World

Debra Cannarella
VP of Operations, High Performing Systems, Inc.

Many senior executives benefited from training and development as they built their careers and rose through the ranks into higher role levels. Once senior executives reach the upper levels of their organizations, however, these opportunities are not as easily accessible within a company’s framework. That does not mean that executives are no longer in need of professional development. In fact, development becomes even more critical at the highest organizational levels. Rather than just participating in classroom training, many executives find that mentoring is a highly effective way to continue their professional development.

Executives benefit from coaching and mentoring just as much as they did at other stages of their career. The difference between then and now, however, is the complexity of their roles. In the case of senior executives, the most important factor in a mentoring relationship is finding a mentor with the skills, experience and expertise to offer guidance to the executive. It is not uncommon for this type of mentor to be someone outside the company. Executives need a sounding board and mentor with the right insight to challenge the executive to think at a higher level. Executive mentorship must be tied to current events with a goal of positioning the organization for the future.

Executives Need Expert, Well-Matched Mentors

High Performing Systems, Inc. (HPS), has 37 years of experience helping executives lead organizations through complexity. HPS President and CEO, Dr. Dick Thompson, has led and coached international executive teams in military, corporate and academic institutions across his career. He also led some of the world’s most elite combat teams in special forces and MACV-SOG. Dr. Thompson is an expert in executive assessment and organizational design, stress management, Emotional Intelligence, resilience, Cognitive Ability, decision making under stress, systems thinking and more.

HPS Executive Mentoring Outcomes

  • Learn your cognitive ability strengths and growth trajectory
  • Expand your strategic and visionary thinking
  • Prepare your executive team with the success requirements of the post-COVID environment and beyond
  • Redesign your organization with strategy formulation and systems integration
  • Significantly raise your Stress Resilience
  • Improve decision making under high stress
  • Master Emotional Intelligence

Key Tip: Current Events Matter in Executive Mentorship

The challenging current events should be a critical focus in any mentoring program. The COVID-19 Pandemic is changing everything, and strategic leadership will look different in 2022 and beyond. HPS specializes in interweaving current events while preparing executives for success in the new world. Our program will:

  • Prepare executives and organizations for the new Post-COVID world
  • Focus on real-world solutions, not just case studies or academic models
  • Introduce The New Science of Leadership required for success in the new world
  • Help executives in navigating the coming turbulence and chaos
  • Provide real-world application and strategic assignments
  • Create networking connections with a cohort group of executives from various organizations and a range of industries
  • Discuss leadership lessons from special operations combat  teams that will apply to corporate America in 2022 and beyond

Remember, even world-class athletes at the top of their game have coaches and professional trainers. Reaching the top of an organization does not mean your development should stop. Executive mentoring, with the right mentor, will help executives gain a new perspective on the changing landscape and be prepared to lead differently using a New Science of Leadership in the Post-COVID world.

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Debra Cannarella is the VP of Operations at High Performing Systems, Inc. (HPS), a consulting company that provides assessments, consulting and training solutions to help organizations excel. HPS conducts certification training on the EQ-i 2.0 assessment and provides individual, leader and executive coaching to clients. Contact Debra by email at

High Performing Systems is an award-winning world leader in EQ-i 2.0® certification (since 2005), EI training and implementation, leader coaching and success profiles. Call 706-769-5836 to talk with an experienced EI practitioner about your organization's specific needs.

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