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An Application Tool for the MBTI Instrument.

Element B™ Course Outline

We know your time is valuable. We have created a certification process that allows you to conduct some of the training on your own schedule, at your convenience. The live online, in-class portion of the training is highly interactive and engaging, helping you get the most out of the training time you spend with other attendees. This doesn’t mean that you’re all on your own, however. The HPS team is available to assist you before, during and after the training, to help you be completely confident as you use the Element B in your work. 


  • Complete the Element B online
  • Participate in one-hour individual feedback session with an HPS Feedback Specialist and receive your personal Interpretive Report
  • View Online Modules at your convenience (5 modules, average length about 20 minutes), including background information on FIRO Theory, psychometrics, applications, etc.
  • Read The Human Element (optional)

Classroom Work (Live, Online):

  • Welcome, introductions
  • Group feedback session to enhance the individual feedback completed before class
  • Interpretation and Case Studies
  • Feedback techniques and Practice
  • Activities/Exercises (Detailed participation in activities and instructions for conducting them after the session with other groups)
  • Applications for Teams/Compatibility, including additional group activities
  • Q&A
  • Wrap-Up/Graduation

Post-Session Work:

  • Follow-up/Reinforcement Online Modules
  • Personal HPS Coaching sessions to help you get started using Element B

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