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An Application Tool for the MBTI Instrument.

Leadership Potential Equation™ Testimonials


"One of my chief concerns as President of a large, growing business unit of Titan America is talent management. And nothing is more important in managing talent than getting the right people into the right positions and making sure they succeed when they get there. I began using High Performing Systems and the Leadership Potential Equation in 2005, and it’s the most important tool we have when it comes to making sure we have the people we need for Titan to grow and prosper."

Bob Sells, President
Mid-Atlantic Business Unit, Titan America

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"In my own experience as a Chief Superintendant, I worked for 15 years in that role in two different organizations, and I believe there is nothing more important for a role like this than to be clear about leadership selection and development. We found in the Calgary Board of Education that we had to hire or promote extraordinary numbers of people. In fact, we had 230 principals. Even for a large Board with a billion dollar budget like ours, the gaps in our leadership pipeline were staggering. The Leadership Potential Equation helped us create objective job profiles. I used it for pre-hire selection, promotions, leadership development and succession planning. Literally hundreds of leaders have gone through the process—including me. If your organization is working on succession planning—and every organization should be—I highly recommend using the LPE, and I would be delighted to talk more about this instrument with anyone who seeks more information."

Dr. Brendan Croskery,
Former Chief Superintendent
Calgary Board of Education Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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"I began working with High Performing Systems in the mid-1990s. I first chose the Leadership Potential Equation when I was in the process of building an executive team to take my company to the next level in a high-tech, highly competitive industry. The LPE was invaluable in helping me achieve that goal. I’ve continued working with Dr. Dick Thompson and his team because the LPE helps me make sure I get the right people on my team. It gives me objective data for making hiring, assignment and promotion decisions and helps me sustain my team over time. "

Jeff Kernan, Vice President
IT Business Portfolio, Terex Corporation

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