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Leadership Potential Assessment

Go beyond the 9-box to assess leadership potential. Accurately identify high potentials for talent pools, selection, promotion, succession planning and leadership development.

Research shows that more than 40% of leaders in talent pools are not high potentials.
~Henry L. Thompson, Ph.D., HPS CEO

Select and Develop the Right Leader for the Right Role at the Right Time

The Leadership Potential Equation™ (LPE™) clearly identifies high potentials for talent management and development. No other assessment of leader potential reveals ability to be successful now and potential for success at a higher level in the future. Hire the best-fit leaders for your current needs, and identify/develop HiPos for succession planning.

Contact an HPS assessment expert to learn how the LPE can help you hire and retain top talent: call 706-769-5836 or e-mail.

How HPS' Leadership Potential Assessment is Different

The LPE identifies best-fit leaders for each level of your organization. LPE Benefits:

  • Uses a validated scientific model
  • Assesses ALL leaders—individual contributors through CEO
  • Identifies current ability and future potential
  • Determines a leader's current unused potential
  • Predicts potential across a leader's career in 2-year increments
  • Adjusts for size and complexity of any organization
  • Predicts change in Cognitive Ability
  • Identifies training & development needs specific to each leader
  • Will create a leader success model by job
  • Graphically displays leaders' potential by teams or throughout your organization
  • Facilitates succession planning and leader transition
  • Can re-assess leaders to validate growth

Leader potential is too critical to be a guessing game. ~Henry L. Thompson, Ph.D., HPS CEO

Take the guesswork out of talent selection. Contact HPS to get started.

Improve Leader Selection for Better Results Now and In the Future

The LPE™ results show whether a leader candidate is a match for a specific Role now, and the candidate's potential to be successful in different Role Levels over time.

For example (see chart), LPE™ results show that both Candidates A and B can be successful Supervisors now, However—unlike other assessments— LPE™ results also reveal that Candidate A can operate successfully at the VP Level in the future, while Candidate B is best suited to remain at a Supervisor Role Level. This information improves the way organizations select and promote leaders.
LPE Graph

Reduce Talent Placement Mistakes

Mistakes in hiring and promotion cost money—lots of money. Reducing the number of these mistakes is critical. LPE improves talent placement and puts lost money back on the bottom line.

Learn Why Traditional Screening Methods Fail

Choosing the right leader at any Level is difficult. Despite a multitude of “secrets to success,” the real world abounds with examples of the Peter Principle—leaders assigned to Roles beyond their capabilities.

HR Departments and search firms tend to select leader candidates by screening data that are readily available for review—the “tip of the iceberg.” In reality, those factors determine only about 10% of a candidate’s potential for leadership success.

What about the other 90% that shows up for work? Many HR Departments and leader promotion committees lack the technical expertise to assess the bottom 90% of the iceberg—the Innate factors that traditional screening methods miss.

I first chose the Leadership Potential Equation when I was in the process of building an executive team to take my company to the next level in a high-tech, highly competitive industry. The LPE was invaluable in helping me achieve that goal. I’ve continued working with Dr. Thompson and his team because the LPE helps me make sure I get the right people on my team. It gives me objective data for making hiring, assignment and promotion decisions and helps me sustain my team over time.

Jeff Kernan, Vice President
IT Business Portfolio
Terex Corporation

Additional Testimonials

Discover Why the LPE Succeeds

The LPE succeeds by using a proprietary system of assessment and analysis to identify critical Innate factors—the 90% below the tip of the iceberg. Since 1984, HPS has been researching leadership Levels and the skill sets required at each Level. The LPE is based on an in-depth understanding of the skills and abilities leaders need to be successful at each Level and assesses how closely a candidate matches the requirements of the Role Level.

Hire, Retain and Promote Best-Fit Leaders

Your organization needs leaders ready to step up to higher Levels when the time comes. LPE results assist with leader skill development to ensure that your leadership pipeline is working.  

How many hiring mistakes can your company afford to make in the next six months? Consider the benefits of having best-fit leaders at each Level in your organization. Call 706-769-5836 to find out how to get started or Download a PDF Brochure.

Read more Testimonials from clients who are using the LPE.

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