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Over the next 45 years, Dr. Schutz revised and expanded FIRO theory and developed additional instruments for measuring new aspects of his theory, including Element B: Behavior (an improved version of FIRO-B); Element F: Feelings; Element S: Self; Element W: Work Relations; Element C: Close Relations; Element P: Parental Relationships; and Element O: Organizational Climate.
During this time, FIRO theory was so extensively revised and strengthened and so many new instruments and important improvements were generated, that upon the suggestion of Jack Black (founder of Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc., and publisher of FIRO-B), the new set of measures was renamed. Since 1984, these instruments have been known collectively as Elements of Awareness. The Elements became the core of a larger body of work developed by Will Schutz, Ph.D., known as The Human Element. Elements of Awareness and The Human Element are used extensively throughout the US and in over seventeen countries.

Dick and Will In the mid-1990s, Dr. Schutz and Dick Thompson, Ph.D., his friend and colleague of 15 years, began a more intense collaboration that not only expanded FIRO theory, but added technology to The Human Element.
Prior to this, Dr. Schutz’ work had not been available to a worldwide audience through computer software or the internet. Dr. Thompson developed both computer and web-based programs for completing and scoring FIRO Element B and other instruments. As his health declined, Dr. Schutz determined that Dr. Thompson was the one to carry the theoretical development of FIRO theory and The Human Element forward.

Dr. Thompson continues to develop FIRO theory, certify practitioners in the Elements of Awareness, lead The Human Element training, conduct FIRO research and develop FIRO-related materials, publications and software. Some of his work to date includes:

Introduction to FIRO Element B in Organizations by Henry L. Thompson, Ph.D.

"A seminal work on the interpretation of Element B." - Dr. Will Schutz (creator of FIRO theory)
Introduction to FIRO Element B in Organizations
Using Element B in Organizations Workbook
The Human Element Software System™ (Computer and web-based)
Element B Scannable Form
Element B Online Administration
Element B Organizational Interpretive Report™
Team Compatibility Report™
Element B: Other™
Element B 360™
3-D Team Compatibility Exercise™
Element B Overhead Transparencies
Element B™ PowerPoint® Presentation
Elements of Awareness International Research Data Base™
Elements of Awareness International Research Center™
Elements of Awareness International Psychometrics Center™
Stress Research

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Stress Changes Element B Scores

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Element B Influences Job Search

New research by Dr. Alonzo Johnson finds that ICO preferences influence the type of job ad a person responds to. Read more.

Element B Certification

HPS offers options for Element B Certification. Read more.


Sample Element B Report

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