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An Application Tool for the MBTI Instrument.

Emotional Intelligence Success Models

High Performing Systems uses a scientific process to create success models based on Emotional Intelligence assessments that organizations can use for selection and promotion decisions.

Emotional Intelligence is situationally specific. By this I mean that overall EI is a good general predictor of success, but the more powerful predictor is the specific combination of EI components for a specific type of job. This is what determines success. — Henry L. Thompson, Ph.D.

Benefits of EI Success Models and EI Selection

  • Hire the best fit candidate the first time
  • Put the right person into the right job
  • Reduce costly mis-hires—no more square pegs in round holes
  • Create targeted developmental plans based on the results
  • Reduce the expense of screening and training candidates who don’t stay with the organization
  • Improve employee satisfaction with the right job fit that plays to their strengths

Success Models

HPS experts create success models by analyzing data from performance measures and EI assessments and using statistical analyses to identify which components of the EI assessment will predict success on the performance measure. What this means is that results from assessments like the EQ-i 2.0 or MSCEIT can be used to generate a scientifically-validated model of what a successful candidate in a particular role looks like. To share a visual analogy, the success model is like the pattern or the framework of a jigsaw puzzle that is almost complete. The pattern on the edge of the missing piece is the success model for the “perfect” match. To learn more, contact HPS at 706-769-5836 or 800-535-8445.

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Using the EI Success Model described above, HPS is armed with the data to help clients select the best candidate for a job. If you know what the perfect piece of the puzzle looks like, you can assess how closely each candidate matches the pattern you want. It’s unlikely that you’ll find one that’s a perfect match. Using this scientifically-validated model, however, you can at least know which of the available candidates is the best match for the role. By then offering development opportunities and slightly modifying the job to be a better fit for the person, you can increase the likelihood of finding a person who will excel in the position. This is a much better way to hire the best person for a job than just “guessing” at who will perform well in the position! To learn more, contact HPS at 706-769-5836 or 800-535-8445.

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