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Certification Testimonials

"The team at High Performing Systems, Inc. is extraordinary and their online Certification program exceeded my expectations. I especially enjoyed the hands-on training and small group collaboration with my classmates online as we worked through case studies and reviewed assessments. This live interaction and real experience gave me the confidence I needed to feel successful upon completion of the course. Thank you!"

- E. Alexa Skinner HR Manager Room & Board, Inc.

“I considered several organizations for EQ-i® certification and chose HPS for their attentive customer service and expertise in the topics of Emotional Intelligence and other areas. I am very pleased with the quality of the training I received from HPS and their exceptional service and would recommend them highly.” 

- Gary L. Cruze, Ed.D., MBA, Senior Instructor, Emory Continuing Education

“I considered several providers of training in the EQi. In discussing the options I was recommended by one provider to steer away from the online certification as the richness of interaction and networking would be lost in this format. I decided to go with HPS both because of the convenience of this format and because of Dr. Thompson's background and experience. What I found was an organization that truly walks the talk of Emotional Intelligence. The entire process was streamlined, organized, personal and professional from the initial registration on through to the training. The technology today enables a beautiful opportunity to network and interact with the entire group. Nothing was lost in the use of this technology. In fact we had an international group because of this technology adding to the experience of learning about Emotional Intelligence.  The presenters were proficient in the use of technology making the experience easy and free of any problems. After the training, there continues to be ongoing resources to enhance my understanding and use of this great tool. I am so pleased to have found High Performing Systems. I highly recommend them.”

-Cynthia Howard RN, CNC, PhD, Professional Coach, Transform Yourself

“I recently went through the two day virtual EQ-i 2.0 Certification Workshop offered by High Performing Systems (HPS) using Go To Meeting technology that allowed me to see all the facilitators and participants.  It was one of the most powerful trainings I have been through in my 35 years as an executive coach and consultant.  The multiple facilitators were very accomplished at creating interaction between the attendees who were from different areas in the United States.  This allowed us to learn from HPS and each other.  The information was presented clearly and the use of Case Studies really brought the material alive for us.  Since there were always multiple facilitators tuned into the training the questions that arose were answered quickly and there were multiple perspectives offered based on the background of the HPS staff.  I like the fact that HPS has done significant research on emotional intelligence and weaved their research findings throughout the two days of class.  The book The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success was one of the many types of course material and it outlines beautifully the differences between the different EQ competencies.  Finally, HPS offered a pre-program consultation about my EQ-i 2.0 profile and post-workshop access to the HPS facilitators as one gets involved in using the EQ-i 2.0 instrument.  This is a very nice way to ensure that what you learned is used as effectively as possible as a practitioner.  I would recommend this course to any practitioner interested in furthering their understanding of the many uses of emotional intelligence self-report data.”

 - Peter Prichard, CMF, Founder, The Prichard Partnership Ltd.

“I recently completed High Performing Systems' EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 online certification program. The training was extremely well done. The virtual format was relaxed, interactive and engaging, and it saved me two days of travel and related expenses. The HPS team was very knowledgeable, flexible and friendly in delivering a lot of content. Be advised, there is a LOT of content. I appreciated the balance of learning formats including my personal assessment debriefing, pre-workshop publications and webinars, didactic presentations and the many practice sessions during the training. I highly recommend the folks at HPS as professionals who deliver high value.”

- Bob MacArthur, President, Birch Corner Associates

“I really enjoyed the EQ-i® 2.0 certification class and look forward to studying it more and applying it. HPS has a great system and approach. I loved the online option!” 

- Jennifer Whitaker, Executive Brilliance

"My training with High Performing Systems has been essential for enhancing leadership development within our programs. The HPS staff understands the diverse needs of their participants and creates learning experiences that are focused, yet flexible."

- Debra Sanborn, Iowa State University

“Let me again say that in the FORMING-STORMING-NORMING-PERFORMING model, your team has achieved elegant HIGH PERFORMING levels, so your name is no accident! Wonderful class!”

- Regina Grund, Director Mentoring Services, Personal Brand Strategist

“The online training exceeded my expectations for learning in a number of different ways. It was engaging, I was able to focus due to the great delivery and activities, and I didn’t need to travel. I feel very prepared to administer and coach on this assessment. Thanks to HPS for the online option.”

- Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, Fortune 500 Chemical Company

“I enjoyed the EQ-i Certification course from HPS immensely. I thought the trainers did a phenomenal job of presenting the program, were knowledgeable and responsive, and had a great style in engaging the participants. I can certainly say that everyone I have interacted with at HPS has been incredibly customer centric. I gained some tremendous insights into the power of the EQ-i-2.0 and the EQ 360 process which I know will greatly benefit me (and my clients).”

- Senior Executive Coach, Global Office Solutions Company

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