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CommunicationWheel® - Europe 2001

CommunicationWheel - Europe 2001 came about as a result of Bettina Doelken (a TeamDynamics alumnus) inviting Dick to speak to DGAT (the German equivalent of APT) in Cologne, Germany on 17, November, 2001. Dick decided to stay a few days extra and do the first public HPS workshop in Europe.

The session took place 19-20 NOV in Brhhl at the BonPrix hotel. The group had participants from Germany, Sweden, The Nederlands, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, U.K. and USA, a very diverse and bright group. The session was presented in American English.

One of the outcomes of the session was the demonstration of the robustness of the Type languages and dialects---they were very clear even though participants were using their second or third national language. Yes. Even Liz and Phil from the UK. Ha!

It was a very successful session and points the way for future public offerings in Europe. Hope to see you there.

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