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HPS Executive Coaching Services

Like throwing a stone into a lake, executive decisions ripple throughout an organization. Especially under stress, executives must be at their best, considering the impact of their actions on their organization’s goals.

Our experience working in organizations at all Levels has given us expert knowledge and key insights into the demands of working at the executive Level.Executive Coaching Image

We understand the challenges busy executives face and how important it is to use their resources wisely. With this in mind, HPS uses a systems approach to executive coaching. That is, we work with the executive within the context of his/her Role in the organization, including interactions with boss, peers and direct reports.

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As leaders are promoted into higher Role Levels, their job responsibilities change from being skill-based in their particular field (engineering, for example) to leading others. So in addition to helping executives receive the right kind of feedback from the right people and learn or develop knowledge or processes around business tools, we also coach leaders in the “soft” skills, such as Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Relationships.

The HPS Process

High Performing Systems (HPS) provides a comprehensive six-phase assessment and coaching process that is proven to help executives identify leadership strengths and potential; create an Executive Development Plan to improve performance and prepare for career next steps; and take a systematic approach to achieving goals. This process is designed for the executive to maintain primary responsibility for his/her own development, with support from the organization and the HPS Coach. The basic process is outlined below but can—and should—be customized to each executive. 

Phase I: Contracting
This Phase ensures that the leader, his/her manager and the HPS Coach are in agreement on development needs and goals for the coaching process.

Phase II: Initial Assessment
The Initial Assessment utilizes leadership observation and evaluation as well as online assessments and tools such as the Leadership Potential Assessment™ (LPA™) to identify the leader’s strengths and potential challenges. 

Phase III: FeedbackLPE Report Cover Image
The HPS team will prepare a feedback report, and in some cases, multiple reports, for the executive. The Coach will conduct personal feedback sessions with the executive, explaining the information in each section of the report and providing recommendations for next steps.

In some cases, there will be one initial feedback session as described above followed by additional feedback in other areas during the coaching process. This allows the executive to receive feedback on various topics across time in smaller, manageable pieces and to utilize the information for additional action steps throughout the coaching process.

Phase IV: Executive Development Plan
The assessment and feedback recommendations will form the basis of the Executive Development Plan.

Phase V: Executive Coaching
The 6-18 month coaching program will help the executive focus on development, performance management, career growth and implementation of the Executive Development Plan.

Phase VI: Closure
This Phase brings the formal coaching process to a close and identifies any additional developmental needs or next steps.

The High Performance Leadership Coaching Process is designed to offer a logical and structured methodology for executive assessment, coaching and development while being flexible enough to adjust to the needs of individual executives. The HPS Coaching Team brings knowledge and experience in executive coaching, and the HPS Staff Team provides administrative support for the overall process, resulting in a coaching experience that is efficient and streamlined for the executive.

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