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An Application Tool for the MBTI Instrument.

The CommunicationWheel®: A Communication Solutions Tool

CW Logo Finally . . . a practical and effective method of communicating with my team!

—Plant Manager, Arcadian Corporation

A communication model based on MBTI, the CommunicationWheel® graphically represents the sixteen different communication styles, eight dialects and four languages based on personality preferences as determined by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) instrument. The sixteen personality “Types” demonstrate a corresponding style of communicating that is different for each Type. The CommunicationWheel® explains the concepts of personality Type and communication in an easy-to-understand model.

Benefits of the CommunicationWheel®

  • Graphically represents four communication languages, eight dialects and sixteen styles
  • Shows a communication profile of a group or team at a glance
  • Pinpoints specific as well as potential communication problems and identifies solutions
  • Provides practical techniques for communicating with each Type/style
  • Pulls together the many and diverse approaches to Type and communication into one simple, easy-to-use model

Arrange the names of family, team or group members, students or anyone with whom you communicate on a regular basis on the CommunicationWheel® as an immediate indicator of potential communication difficulties and possible solutions. If you do not know someone's particular Type preferences or style of communicating, a quick method for determining this is available. The CommunicationWheel® gives you a clear advantage when getting your point across or grasping important information from others.

Communication problems are costly in terms of time and money. We know these problems exist; finding the causes and knowing what to do about them are more difficult. The CommunicationWheel® pinpoints specific problems in interpersonal and group communication and provides practical solutions to improve and eliminate many of them. Turning vague concepts into concrete, visual pictures makes it easier to understand why we have communication problems and what to do about them.

The powerful impact of the CommunicationWheel® as an aid to improving communication skills has been validated in private and business uses in the US and abroad. It is being used effectively in team development, conflict resolution, change management, performance evaluations, leader development, education, coaching and counseling.

The CommunicationWheel® and Maximizing Personality Strengths Using the MBTI® Instrument are workshops conducted by High Performing Systems. Additional CommunicationWheel® resources include Introduction to the CommunicationWheel®, The CommunicationWheel®: A Resource Book (trainer's manual), the Communication Preference Questionnaire™ (CPQ™) and more. For more information, contact High Performing Systems.

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