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An Application Tool for the MBTI Instrument.

Team Emotional and Social Intelligence Survey® – a Team 360!


Teams are the source of most of the productivity, creativity and reliability in organizations. Work and play are both successful – or not – because of the quality of teams performing the mission at hand. Team members who exhibit behaviors that are the result of the seven skills measured by the TESI® enable both themselves and their teams to achieve success even in difficult economic times.
TESI ® is Collaborative Growth's Team Emotional and Social Intelligence Survey™. It creates the opportunity for your team to have a 360* assessment. Each team member rates the team's collaborative skills by assigning such statements as "Our team continues to be hopeful when challenged” and “Our team members steer clear of getting even" from one to five. Reports are then available on your entire team’s results or on sub-groups based on criteria such as gender, age or role levels.

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Because teams are made up of individuals, teams perform much better when individuals focus on understanding and developing their own emotional and social intelligence. The TESI® Report itself provides a graphical display and description of the current levels of emotional and social intelligence of your team from the perspectives of team members who completed the TESI® Survey. The report offers unique insights into your team’s current strengths and weaknesses and helps the team leader and members to develop a strategy to enhance their skills. Through this combination of awareness and action, your team is poised to achieve greater productivity as each team member has the opportunity to improve his or her own teamwork and personal well-being. For more about the TESI® and teams, click here.

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To arrange for your team to complete the TESI® please call 706-769-5836.

Certification is required for Feedback Specialists and is available via webinar. For more information contact us at 706-769-5836 or by email.

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