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An Application Tool for the MBTI Instrument.

TLT Collaborative Skills Climate Survey™–a Team/Organizational 360!


Organizations that require people to perform complex tasks and/or work with high levels of interdependency need people with excellent collaborative skills in order to perform at optimal levels. Research has shown that an organization’s ability to foster and sustain collaborative relationships and mutually supportive work environments is directly related to the organization’s overall effectiveness. Collaborative skills increase natural enthusiasm not just within individuals, but also among team members and between departments, customers, suppliers, partners and all interdependent parts of any organization.

The TLT Collaborative Skills Climate Survey ™ measures five sets of collaborative skills (Collaborative Intention, Truthfulness, Self-Accountability, Awareness of Self and Others and Problem Solving and Negotiation) along two dimensions (Current and Desired). Research shows that high scores on these skill sets are essential in situations where collaboration is necessary.

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  • An assessment and visualization of a team’s collaborative skills and climate
  • The average of team members' view of a team’s collaboration and functioning
  • An opportunity to understand which collaborative skills to develop in your team
  • An opportunity to determine if you view the team the same as your teammates
  • An opportunity to create a Team Action Plan for improvement


  • CSCS™ was designed with the intent of providing post-assessment feedback
  • Team data is stored to allow for Post-assessments at time intervals
  • Allows for monitoring progress and tracking team training effectiveness
  • Monitors team Collaborative dynamics


  • Create high trust collaborative environments
  • Reduce the cost of conflict in dollars, time and lost creativity
  • Turn adversarial relationships into partnerships
  • Make working relationships more productive
  • Makes team collaborative behaviors visible
  • Benchmark team behaviors
  • Build an action plan for developing sustainable behaviors
  • Team feedback mechanism



To arrange for your team/organization to complete the CSCS™ please call 706-769-5836.

Certification is required for Feedback Specialists. For more information contact us at 706-769-5836 or by email.


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