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An Application Tool for the MBTI Instrument.

Benchmark of Organizational Emotional Intelligence (BOEI)
Steven Stein, Ph.D., & MHS Staff

An organizational survey of emotional intelligence.

Key Areas Measured:

  • Job Happiness
  • Compenstion
  • Work/Life Stress Management
  • Organizational Cohesiveness
  • Supervisory Leadership
  • Diversity and Anger Management
  • Organizational Responsiveness
  • Positive Impression
  • Negative Impression

Research has demonstrated that emotionally intelligent organizations are more productive. In addition to all the benefits provided by a traditional organizational effectiveness survey, the BOEI assessment measures the level of emotional intelligence in your organization as a whole and across departments, teams, or divisions. Three reports are available.

Organizational Reports summarize responses of the organization as a whole. One Organizational Report per organization is required to score BOEI results.

Group Reports compare administrator-defined groups (e.g., departments, teams, or occupational levels) and can compare groups to the overall organization (up to five groups per report). Purchase multiple Group Reports to assess complex organizational structures.

Individual Reports compare the responses of an individual to the scores of the overall organization (and, optionally, to his or her group). One Individual Report per respondent must be purchased.

More Information

Ages: 18 and older
Administration: Self-Report Administration
Time: 30 minutes
Qualification Level: B
Format: Online (administration and scoring) and Scoring Service

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