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An Application Tool for the MBTI Instrument.

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Assessment of Basic Leader Effectiveness®
Measure. Develop. Measure again.  

What is the ABLE-P?

The ABLE-P (Post) gives you the data you need to:  

  • Measure the IMPACT of training and development initiatives your organization implements after using the ABLE link and ABLE-S link to establish benchmarks
  • Provide your leaders with meaningful feedback on their Leader Effectiveness Action Plans
  • Refine your training and development initiatives to produce an even greater impact
  • Help leaders refine their Leader Effectiveness Action Plans  

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One of the most powerful elements of the ABLE-P is its specifically keyed question-by-question correspondence with the pre-assessment, whether you used the ABLE, ABLE-S or both. Because of this, you can rest assured that you will be comparing apples to apples and getting accurate measurements.

The ABLE-P’s question-by-question analysis and pre- and post-results provide greater depth than other 360° assessments. The ABLE-P is typically administered 90-120 days after training and development initiatives are completed. Just like the ABLE and ABLE-S, the ABLE-P report has visually appealing graphs that are followed by customized description paragraphs that give detailed explanations of results. 


  • Predicts leadership success
  • Reliable test/re-test results
  • Developmental focus for Leader
  • Effectiveness Action Plan included in report
  • Easy to administer
  • Easy-to-read graphs
  • Customized paragraphs that explain graphs
  • Computer-generated comments
  • Advice on post-feedback meetings
  • Business-centric report


  • Performance measurement
  • Individual/leadership development
  • Executive and general coaching
  • Organizational development
  • Designing training/coaching initiatives
  • Measuring training and coaching effectiveness

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How Does the ABLE-P Work?

The ABLE-P is easy to administer. Between 90-120 days after the ABLE or ABLE-S Action Plan has been completed, the leader, leader’s boss and direct reports or peers complete a second questionnaire about their perceptions of the leader’s performance on the same nine core skill sets measured in the first assessment. This produces a comprehensive, 360° view of the effectiveness of the Leader Effectiveness Action Plan and any coaching or training initiatives completed in response to results on the ABLE or ABLE-S. As with the first assessments, individual responses of peers and direct reports remain anonymous and are shown as averages only. Confidential feedback is again provided to the leader in a non-threatening, easy-to-understand format using simple graphs and customized paragraphs.

What Does the ABLE-P Assess?

The ABLE-P measures the same nine core leader competencies as the ABLE or ABLE-S.

Report Features

Despite the underlying robustness of the assessment, the ABLE-P report itself is easy to read and understand. Unlike most 360° assessment reports, the ABLE-P is not full of confusing statistics that busy supervisors and managers may not have time to read and interpret.

Easy-to-read report features include:

  • Bar graphs allow participants to compare how they rated themselves the first time with their current self-rating.
  • Bar graphs allow participants to compare how their boss, direct reports and/or peers rated them the first time with their current ratings.
  • Computer-generated comments based on raters’ responses give additional feedback on which areas show improvement and which areas have gaps in performance perception.
  • Customized paragraphs following the graphs explaining more fully what the numerical scores mean in terms of leader performance and changes in performance from pre- to post-assessments.
  • Comments written by raters can be given to the leader or used by the feedback specialist to guide feedback discussions and refine Leader Effectiveness Action Plans or initiatives.


  • Fast and easy for raters to use (10 minutes to complete questionnaire)
  • Easy-to-read graphs: Pre- and Post- self, self/boss, self/direct reports and/or self/peers
  • Composite graphs highlighting patterns and differences
  • Computer-generated, question-by-question comments that allow participants to drill deeply into their results and see which areas they have improved in and which still have gaps, including any changes between the pre- and post-assessment
  • Open-ended rater comments (available to the feedback specialist) can be given to participants or used by the feedback specialist to guide questions during feedback session
  • Customized explanation of graphs, including explanations of any changes between pre- and post-assessment
  • Leader Effectiveness Action Plan for development
  • The ABLE family of assessments can be normed to your company’s leaders

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ABLE-P Graph Example

Quick Facts

Age Range
18 years and older

Completion Time
10 minutes

Number of Items

Online HPS Portal for quick and easy administration, scoring and more.


  • General population
  • Age and gender specific
  • Industry specific ( *can be normed for your company)

Qualification Level
B (North America Only)


Online administration is fast and easy to use, and support is available to all account managers. The online account can be customized with a client logo, providing a professional assessment management system for corporate accounts or independent consultants. The account manager can log in any time to set up assessments, monitor completion or process reports.


High Performing Systems offers online certification. These interactive, research-based classes prepare you to administer, interpret and give feedback on the entire ABLE family of assessments. You begin by taking the ABLE or ABLE-S and receiving feedback (if applicable). Next, you participate in 5 Certification Sessions and read the ABLE Technical Manual. After setting up an Online Account with HPS, you begin the final step by arranging for a friend or colleague to take the ABLE or ABLE-S using your online account and providing feedback. For information on ABLE certification, click here.

Take the ABLE-P

  • Take the ABLE instrument.
  • Receive professional feedback.
  • After agreed upon time, take the ABLE-P
    and receive professional post feedback.
  • Contact HPS at 706-769-5836 to get started.

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