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An Application Tool for the MBTI Instrument.

The CommunicationWheel®: A Resource Book

A Communication Solutions Tool

The CommunicationWheel® is a practical system for using psychological type to improve communication. A key feature of this system is an easy to understand model that visually represents the 16 MBTI® types and their relationship to each other. You can actually see why communication problems exist and what to do about them.

As a training aid, The CommunicationWheel® is used to explain and reinforce basic type theory. Names of group or team members can be displayed on the “wheel” to indicate type relationships and potential communication problems. Counselors, educators, families and business leaders alike can benefit from this simple and direct approach. For the advanced type practitioner, it serves as a model for developing the less preferred functions.

In the early eighties, Henry L. (Dick) Thompson, Ph.D., used psychological type theory to improve teamwork. An in-depth study of type research combined with experience revealed the need for a simpler way to explain how type affects communication. As a result, Dr. Thompson developed The CommunicationWheel® system as a more effective method for dealing with communication issues. His work has helped to bring together differing perspectives on type and communication by refocusing on application. Since then, The CommunicationWheel® has proven to be a powerful tool in both private and business settings.

Everything you need to understand, practice and/or
teach this system.

The Resource Book Includes

  • Immediate Benefits of The CommunicationWheel® System
  • Provides a visual framework for communication data
  • Pinpoints communication problems and identifies solutions
  • Visually represents the type relationship among team or group members
  • Eliminates the confusion when transitioning from type to communication
  • Offers practical techniques for communicating with different types
  • Shows why communication problems exist and what to do about them
  • Recognizes potential problems before they become communication issues
  • A step-by-step workshop outline with lecturettes
  • Reproducible masters
  • Colorful PowerPoint® presentation with over 40 instructional slides
  • Application exercises
  • Communication Preference Questionnaire™
  • Non-MBTI® version
  • Outline & Overhead Masters
  • Bibliography/resource list

“The CommunicationWheel® is an excellent tool for understanding the relationship of individuals on the team to each other as well as the makeup of the team as a whole.” Dan Bruffey

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